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woman sleeping on sofa-best si joint pain sleeping positionHaving trouble finding the best si joint pain sleeping position at night? Read on! We have a few useful tips on how you can have a good night’s sleep adopting the right si joint pain sleeping positions.

Sleep is a ‘basic’ human need. When you come to think of it, you and I will be asleep for at least one-third of our lives. If you value sleep like me, you must know the importance of a good sleeping posture. Yet for the average person, sleep can be problematic. Either you don’t get enough of it or you sleep in the wrong position ending up with increased back and neck pain. If you have sacroiliac dysfunction, it becomes even more important that you adopt a proper sleeping posture.


That is because lack of enough sleep or sleeping in the wrong posture can make back pain worse, even for the healthy individuals. It is, therefore, important that you adopt a good sleeping posture whether you have SI joint pain or you don’t. In this write-up, we discuss the proper SI joint sleeping position.

Learn How to Pop Your Own Si Joint.

What Is SI Joint Pain?


The spinal sacrum is joined to the pelvic ileum at the sacroiliac joint. Pain that occurs in here is known as sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. It can come as a result of osteoporosis, arthritis or injury. It is one of the various types of posture pains.


The other causes of SI joint pain include poor posture and weaknesses in the core muscles. Because of its position in the body, the sacroiliac joint bears a lot of weight from the upper body. It, therefore, follows that unnatural stress resulting from poor posture and injury can cause pain and inflammation of the joint.


Why Should SI Joint Pain Concern You?


In the human body, the pelvis is made up three major bones namely, sacrum (the spinal base) and the iliac (two bones of the hips). The three bones meet at the sacroiliac joint. The joint wouldn’t have any form of pain unless you have an injury.


People with a history of back injury get the pain because of not making the right posture adaptation. SI joint pain is, therefore, closely related to poor posture and weakened muscles. Although a common problem, SI joint pain largely depends on the position or posture you adopt.


Whether it gets worse or better largely depends on the position of your body. You sleep in one position and you feel pain in your back. However, sleeping the other way makes you feel better. That is why your Si joint pain sleeping position really matters.

Top Tips on the Best SI Joint Pain Sleeping Positions


Although using a sacroiliac belt can help alleviate and prevent si joint pain, experts advise against wearing a si joint belt while sleeping. Why is that?


Because sleeping with a belt strapped body can be pretty uncomfortable. A si joint belt is quite helpful when it comes to relieving si joint pain, but only wear it during the day. You can check out our top picks for the Best Sacroiliac Belts.


Moving on….


When turning back and forth in bed, you are likely to experience lower back pain. It is for that reason that SI joint pain can be very disruptive especially if you are trying to catch some elusive sleep. If you have sacroiliac pain but you must sleep, consider the following general tips:


Sleep on your side. Not the one with pain. Sacroiliac dysfunction is known to occur on only one of the sides of the body. It also helps to bend one leg up while lying down in bed. It is, therefore, important that you acquaint yourself with the side of the body with the SI joint pain. That way, you can easily adapt this Si joint pain sleeping position.


Sleeping with the affected leg relaxed backward. All you have to do is bend the leg on the side with pain. In this relaxed position, the SI joint tends to be less painful.


Place an SI joint support pillow under the upper arm. Follow it up by placing a contoured pillow under the neck to align the head with the spine. Do that even as you maintain the recommended sleeping position.


• If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you have to adopt a new sleeping position. Of course, I am referring to the Si joint pain sleeping position.


What Can You Do To Minimize SI Joint Pain While Sleeping?


While most people will find it easier sleeping without any form of support, a minority require support to be able to sleep properly. The following are some of the things you can do to force your body into a good sleeping position:

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Spinal Support


It is important that you support your spine so you are able to have a comfortable sleep. It is a fact that SI joint pain comes as a result of poor alignment of the spine. Ensure you buy lumbar and cervical support pillows of the best quality. Ensure you avoid laying your head on more than one SI joint support pillow. You will risk throwing the alignment of the neck or spine off balance.


With an SI joint support pillow, you will be able to put your body into a good SI joint pain sleeping position. A lumbar support pillow works well when sleeping on your back. The SI joint pillow is placed under the curve of the back to give it support while you sleep. 


Moving on…

It is also important to raise your lower feet using a single or double pillow. This will help take away the pressure from the SI joint. Stomach sleepers don’t have any support products and that is why they are advised to switch sleeping positions.


Body Mechanics


When you have SI joint pain, sleeping is much more than throwing yourself into the bed. As you get to bed, start by sitting on the edge. Keep your knees bent as you slowly lay on your side. Roll like a log and lie on your back. Be careful that you don’t twist any part of the spine. Stretch your leg and, once it is straightened, place it on an SI joint pillow for support.


These mechanics apply even when rolling to lie on the side or rising from bed. Whatever you do, avoid fast twisting motions. That will only prevent you from getting SI joint relief. Prolonged sitting on crossing legs when seated is a no-no. Observe this and you will diminish chances of inflammation.


The Si joint pain sleeping position takes careful execution for everyone affected. In essence, it is about avoiding anything that would worsen your pain. Apart from adopting the right sleeping position, make sure you give your spine the required support. Going into and out of bed in the right way is also of great help.

Here is a video that explains the best sleeping positions for lower back, pelvis, hip pain, and can also work for your si joint pain.

The Best Si Joint Pain Sleeping Position- Wrapping it Up

Finding the best si joint pain sleeping position will surely ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Hopefully,these useful tips will help you achieve just that. Good luck!

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