Best Mattress for Si Joint Pain (Our Top 5 Picks)

Looking for the best mattress for si joint pain? Well, look no further.

This comprehensive guide is for you.


Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a serious condition that warrants careful treatment and frequent monitoring by qualified specialists.

The condition causes mild to severe pain particularly in the upper back or side of the thigh, as well as in the buttocks.

So serious that performing aerobic exercises such as jogging or running, or lifting weights can exacerbate the pain and make the condition even worse.

Of course, seeking medical treatment should be your first line of defense against si joint pain. However, there are a few changes you can make at home to reduce the pain and speed up recovery.

In addition to popping your si joint and adapting to proper sleeping positions, sleeping on a comfortable, supportive, and pressure relieving mattress is one of the best ways to relieve your si joint pain.

In this article, we review the 5 best mattresses that most people with lower back pain, hip pain, joint pain, and si joint pain swear by.

The mattresses in this review are some of the best-selling and highest-rated, with thousands of reviews from customers on Amazon.

Let’s dive right in!

Comparison Table

1.Zinus Green Tea Mattress
2.Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Mattress
3.Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress
4.LUCID Latex Foam Mattress

5 Best Mattress for Sacroiliac Pain-Our Top 5 Picks for 2019

1.Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, FullZinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress-best mattress for si joint painThe Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is currently one of the best –selling mattresses on Amazon and it’s for all the good reasons.

Although it costs a little more compared to some top brands, the Zinus Green tea Mattress has won the hearts of many for various reasons.

One, this mattress conforms to your body which aligns your spine and minimizes pressure points. This leads to reduced pains and aches from your back, hips, si joint, and other areas.

By providing pressure relieving support, you get enjoy undisturbed sleep (pain from pressure points can keep you awake all night) and wake up si joint pain-free.

Besides providing unmatched comfort and support, the Zinus Memory Foam is quite stable and durable. This is all thanks to its unique and quality construction of AirFlow High-Density Foam Layers.

Another feature that makes the Zinus Memory Foam Mattress incredibly popular is that it’s infused with natural Green Tea Extract that allows the mattress to maintain freshness in the long-term.

The Green Tea helps to neutralized odors from the mattress.

The Zinus mattress also provides excellent heat regulation thanks to its Gel Infused Hybrid Spring which prevents oversweating for cool dry comfort all night long.

The mattress comes in 7 different sizes which include Narrow Twin,Twin, TwinXL,Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, and California King.

The thickness also varies from 6 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, and 18 inches.

Overall, the Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is an ideal choice when it comes to si joint pain. It’s more expensive compared to some models but given its quality and benefits, it’s totally worth it.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Pros

  • Perfect for back, hip, and si joint pain sufferers
  • Allows for proper spine alignment which prevents back pain and other spinal related issues
  • High-density mattress for maximum comfort and support
  • Keeps fresh by neutralizing odors
  • Excellent heat regulation- no sweating during the night
  • Durable construction- long-lasting mattress
  • Backed by a 10-Year Worry Free Warranty



  • Not cheap- there are cheaper quality mattresses out there



2. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress, Full

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress-best mattress for si joint pain Just like the Zinus Green Tea Mattress, the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress provides the same comfort and pressure relief, making it an ideal choice for your si joint pain.

The Zinus Ultima Mattress’s soft, pressure relieving surface conforms to your body which allows your spine to align properly and reduces pressure points in your body.

The result is reduced back, hip, joint, and si joint pains and aches.

Additionally, its soft surface offers a plush feel.

Built to last, this mattress comprises of a memory foam layer as well as a high-density base support foam for stability and durability. This makes it one of the best quality foam mattress, not to mention that it is CertiPUR-US Certified.

This in addition to its long lasting 1 inch Microfiber quilted to soft knitted jacquard mattress cover.

Like our top Zinus model, the Ultima Mattress keeps your mattress smelling clean and fresh as its infused with natural seed oil.

The Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress comes in different sizes namely Narrow Twin,Twin, TwinXL,Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, and California King.

The mattress thickness also ranges from 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches.

Overall, this mattress is a great investment if you’re try to manage si joint pain, back pain, or other joint problems. It does cost more compared to other models, but its still one of the best-selling and most popular in the market.

NB: Give the mattress at least 48 hours to fully decompress.


Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress Pros

  • High-quality and sturdy mattress- provides long lasting comfort and support
  • Easily conforms to your body- eliminates back pain and pressure points which reduces pains and aches
  • Won’t form body impressions over time- thanks to its strong and supportive foam construction
  • Neutralized odors- breathe fresh all night long
  • Available in various sizes- just pick a size that matches your needs
  • Available in different thickness
  • Mattresses are smartly shipped
  • CertiPUR-Certified
  • Backed by a 10 Year Worry-Free Warranty


Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress Cons

  • Doesn’t come cheap



3.Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress-best mattress for si joint pain Linespa mattress are built with comfort, support, and durability in mind. This particular model offers these features and so much more.

Built for comfort and support, the Linenspa Innerspring Hybrid Mattress features a thick layer of memory foam that easily conforms to your body curves.

This eliminates pressure points which therefore significantly reduces pains and aches from your back, sacroiliac joints, muscles, and other joints.

Thanks to its 4 layers of foam and latex construction, the Linenspa mattress provides you with a supportive feel without being excessively firm. This feature makes it a great choice for back and joint pain sufferers.

The high-quality steel coils that are encased in the foam are designed to isolate movement while providing you with the much needed support. If you toss and turn a lot, this feature will absorb all your movements so you don’t wake up your partner.


Another incredible feature worth noting is that the Linenspa Latex Mattress does not retain heat. You can enjoy cool dry comfort all through the night.

Overall, the Linenspa Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is a worth investment given its premium construction and its ability to provide a high level of comfort.

Linenspa Innerspring Hybrid Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and supportive mattress- wont exacerbate your si joint or back pain
  • Conforms to your curves, reduces pressure points, and prevents pressure sores
  • Neither too hard or too soft for ultimate comfort
  • It’s one of the best mattresses for motion isolation- toss and turn without disturbing your partner
  • Does not retain heat
  • Available in different sizes and styles
  • Hassle-free delivery and easy assembly
  • Backed by 10-Year Worry-Free Warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Cheaper compared to our top models
  • Can accommodate heavy individuals
  • Holds up well- won’t form body impressions over time



4.LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress with Mattress Protector

Lucid Foam Mattress-best mattress for si joint pain If a softer sleeping experience is something you’ve always wished for, then you might want to take a look at the LUCID Latex Foam Mattress.

This high-quality mattress has a plush feel and is springier compared to most memory foam mattresses, making it a great choice for si joint pain sufferers.

One special property that makes the Lucid Mattress one of the best mattresses for si joint pain is its ability to conform to your body curves for proper spine alignment and reducing pressure points.

So whether you have sacroiliac joint pain, back pain, or joint pain, this mattress won’t aggravate your pain or cause painful sores. All you need to do is relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The Latex mattress does not retain heat. It’s properly ventilated to optimize air flow, allowing you to enjoy cool comfort all night long.

The LUCID also includes a mattress protector that offers complete protection against dust mites and allergens. If you suffer from allergies, you’ll absolutely love the Lucid Latex Foam Mattress.

Overall, the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress is a perfect choice for anyone with sacroiliac pain as well as lower back pain.

LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress Pros


  • Allows for proper spine alignment and reduces pressure points
  • Provides a plush feel for ultimate comfort
  • Increases airflow for comfort and breathability
  • Stable, durable memory form construction
  • Perfect choice for people with allergy
  • Ideal for platform beds
  • Comes with a durable mattress protector
  • Backed by a 10-Year Warranty



  • Expensive compared to most mattress in the market-might not be a good choice if you’re on a budget




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