At a young age, I started developing back pain as well as pain in the sacroiliac joint. It was a very hard time for me and my family, especially due to the financial constraints brought about by my medications and treatments. When a friend finally recommended I use an inversion table for my pain, I haven’t looked back since then, and a few years later, Backcoretherapy.com was born.

Backcoretherapy.com is a health website that I created after my tough ordeal with back pain and si joint pain. It’s a site that focuses on providing a wealth of information on back pain related and si joint related problems. The website also reviews some of the best-selling and popular products that people can use to relieve their back pain and live a healthy life.

I want everyone to know that while medications are effective in providing relief from back pain, they do come with some side-effects. When it comes to back pain, going the natural way is probably the best idea. Whether you’re looking for an inversion table, inversion chair, heating pad, back support belt or sacroiliac belt, here, you will find unbiased reviews and buying guides so you can make an informed decision when buying one.

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