Best Sacroiliac Belt (Top 5 Picks 2020)

Searching for the Best Sacroiliac Belt to ease your si joint pain?

Well, in this post, we discuss in detail 5 of the most popular si belts in the market right now. Stick around!

Have you been feeling a sharp pain radiating down your hip? Has your lower back pain become so intense lately? Do you often hear a popping sound when bending, waking up, or rising from a sitting position?

Well, if the answer is yes, it looks like you’re suffering from Si Joint Pain.

 While medications and sacroiliac exercises can help ease the pain a little bit, we find that a sacroiliac belt is a much better solution recommended by therapists and doctors all over the world.

Sacroiliac Belt Reviews-What is a Sacroiliac Belt?

A sacroiliac belt is a special type of belt that is built and design to relieve si joint pain in additional to back related issues like lower back pain. It also acts as a highly effective hip pain belt. 

Sacroiliac belt is one of the best solutions for relieving si joint pain. The si belt will ease your pain, thus allowing for full movement and functionality. Whether you have undergone lumbar surgery, spinal stenosis or have hypermobile SI joints, a the best sacroiliac belt will offer instant si joint pain relief.


How Does a Sacroiliac Belt Work in Relieving SI Joint Pain?

 A sacroiliac belt is designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joint. The compression reduces the looseness that may be caused by excess motion in the si joint, creating excellent stability. However, it shouldn’t be too tight and restrictive.

Once stability is enhanced, the si belt helps to support the joint to maintain the constancy. Similar to other Sacroiliac dysfunction treatments, the belt has proven to be efficient for patients as it provides the correct balance of resistance and re-establishes the joint’s normal movement, thereby relieving stress and pain.

If you’re looking for the best sacroiliac belt, we have sampled the top 5 best-selling and highest-rated si joint belts to relieve your si joint pain and enjoy pain-free days for the rest of your life.

Best Sacroiliac Belt Comparison Table

Sacroiliac Belt Reviews (Our Top 5 Picks 2020)

1. Best Si Belt-Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt

navy blue serola si belt


Did you know that the Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt stands as one of the best sacroiliac belts and most recommended SI joint stabilization belt by therapists? Well you do now!

The belt is designed to compress and provide support around your hip, reducing any pain that you may experience.

Since you need a belt that will not only perform but also provide long-term service, the new Serola sacroiliac belt offers the best of both worlds. It is built from a sturdy material, an open –cell urethane foam which has several advantages over the original cotton material. The foam stretches well without weakening, is breathable and moisture wicking to ensure no heat builds up on the area, and it’s hypoallergenic –safe to wear on your skin.


That said, the sacroiliac belt is also more flexible in that you need not worry about your body size or if it will fit well as it grips well and adjust to fit the various body sizes – in this case both large and petite people can use it. Wear it at the start of your thigh and adjust the belt to your size as it grips well and conforms to your body curves making it more comfortable while in motion.


When worn correctly, a balance of resistance and resilience from the upper body weight pressure on the pelvis area is provided by the belt ensuring that there is stability at the base of your spine. Stability on the spine will reduce chances of injury during work or play as strength is increased throughout your back and hip. This allows you to carry on your daily activities as normal as possible. You can run, swim, jog, stretch with ease. It can also be worn under water, more so for swimming, but ensure you dry it out after.

The si joint belt is available in three main sizes:




• Highly recommended by physicians


• Very comfortable wearable for instant pain relief


• Can be worn on/off skin- you can wear under clothes or on top.


• Can be used in aqua environments hence supports swimming, bathing unlike other belts




  • The sizing information on the belt is not specified. In most cases you are advised to buy large then adjust to your size.


  • It can create discomfort, become restrictive and sometimes increase the pain if not worn properly at its right position or too tight.


2.Active SI Belt

Active Si Belt-best sacroiliac belt


Product performance guarantee is what you are assured of with the Active SI Belt. Developed by qualified physical therapist and orthopedic clinical specialists, the si belt is comfortable to wear, grips well and is secured on your body. Coming highly recommended by medical professionals you can wear it on all stages of sacroiliac pain for instant pain relief allowing you to get back to life.

Active SI Belt is designed with an innovative ‘Double-Belt’ feature that provides secured support to your pelvis by stabilizing it, thereby reducing pain as the sacroiliac support belt stays in place. The double belt is made from a robust nylon that enhances stability with an inner belt that is flexible to adjust and a non-slip neoprene for firmness.


When worn appropriately, the strain experienced on SI ligaments is decreased and its function improved. The belt is also latex-free hence you need not worry about allergies. It’s also fully adjustable to various sizes and body placement. This feature makes it the most sought after and the best sacroiliac belt that can be worn on for various activities including, work, play or sports.




• The double belt feature makes is very stable and secure when worn correctly


• Can be worn on all stages of sacroiliac pains


• It is latex free, no allergy scares


• Budget friendly




• The buckles can be a bit bulky under clothes hence some clothes may not fit well.


• Can become sweaty in hot weather


3.The Don Joy Sacroiliac Si Joint Support Belt
Don Joy Sacroiliac Belt-best sacroiliac belt


For those leading a very active life or in sports the DonJoy SI joint support belt is most ideal. It’s designed to operate on the lock down concept in stabilizing your Sacroiliac joint. The lock down concept creates stabilization through direct compression on the hips and a silicon grip that prevents the brace from migrating.

Made from a breathable mesh material, conformability is achieved and you can wear for an extended duration. The material is sturdy and durable for longer service delivery. Also from the low profile design of the DonJoy Sacroiliac Joint Support Belt, it is ideal to wear underneath clothing but not limited.

It also has the patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System that provides smooth and uniform compression on its designated location, and allows you to customize the tension in that you can adjust to expand or reduce tension to your desired comfort. Customizable tension control offers you a far more effective treatment. The back support brace can also be quickly adjusted to your desired level of relief through the easy to pull handle. You may move it upwards towards your waits or lower on your hip.

With the Don Joy sacroiliac joint support you are assured of reduced and controlled pain from your daily activities like siting, bending, running or any other you may engage in.




• Best choice for super-active individuals due to its lock down mechanism that assures stability.


• Offers longer service use, can be used for years.


• Easy to use comfortable wear as it’s customizable.


• Can be worn either under or on clothes




• Wrong size in fitting may cause slipping of the belt, ensure to buy your correct size.


• Can be restrictive and uncomfortable if not adjusted well or position correctly on body.


4.Roxofit Groin Compression Support

Roxofit Groin Support-best sacroiliac belt



When it comes to sacroiliac belts, we all need the best si joint belt that can handle more than one job don’t we? The Roxofit Groin Compression Support is your ultimate all-in-one multifunctional wrap for all your joint and muscle problems. The sacroiliac joint belt promotes both muscles and joint recovery.

As a recommended treatment for joints, the neoprene groin wrap is designed to rehabilitate the injured area by providing support, retaining body heat needed to warm the muscles and providing soothing compression on the joints and increasing blood circulation that creates stability. Recovery time is reduced as there is decreasing tension and strain on the muscles thereby improving mobility and allowing you to get back to your everyday movements.


The compression support belt is very effective as a pain relief for most leg muscle injuries that cause discomfort in the groin area including groin pull, pilled quad, hamstring pull and labral tear. It cuts across as a hip stabilizer as its brace provides sciatic nerve pain relief for hip flexor injury, hip bursitis hence it generally provides instant relief on your SI joints and speeds up the healing process.


Made from a light weight and breathable material, the groin support is very comfortable for all day wear and works great for long car rides and doesn’t restrict physical movement. The brace fits snugly without any irritations on the skin and it’s easy to put on and take off.


With the anti-slip design of the groin support, the waistband prevents the wrap from slipping or sliding during physical activity keeping it perfectly intact up on the thigh. This is unlike most regular groin traps , hamstring braces , groin compression sleeves and elastic bandages that you have to constantly pull up and re-adjust during light movements and can be cumbersome when doing sports or exercises.


It also has an adjustable wide and durable hook and loop fasteners that provides targeted controlled compression on areas specified and desirable level of support for both thighs and waist to ensure a perfect fit, unlike compression shorts. Compared to other regular hip support brace, sacroiliac joint belts or hip spica wraps, it is a far superior as it stays in place perfectly fine and does not roll up on the belly as other do.


To place matters to rest, the multifunctional groin support compression wrap is a SI stabilization belt that caters for both genders, can be used on all stages of muscle, leg or Si joint injuries and also supports waits of up to 45” and up to 25” thigh circumference.




• Supports a variety of joint and muscle injuries, dysfunctions as a recovery treatment.


• Has a firm grip and does not slip during physical exercises or sports




• It’s not aqua-friendly- you will need to remove it when showering or swimming.


5.BackWonder SI Joint Belt


Simple and convenient are words to describe the one of the best sacroiliac belt, the BackWonder SI joint belt.

BackWonder Sacroiliac Belt-best sacroiliac belt


Designed by an expert physical therapist; the physical appearance the BlackWonder SI Joint Belt may appear as a simple normal belt yet it features as an innovative support band that provides treatment in form of comfort by relieving painful pressure for those suffering from discomfort in Sacroiliac dysfunction, si joint pain, lower back pain. It also acts as a lumbar and hip compression brace.


BackWonder features a superior construction in that the soft neoprene foundation strap includes an ultra-moisture wicking lining that do not cause irritation and the double side –pull cinch straps for an effortless secure support. You also get extra support to the natural curve of your back with a unique offset buckle that increases pain relieving pressure on your spine, stabilizing your lower back and hips alignment to ease pain and discomfort.


It also features an ergonomic shape with a wide flexible support band that will offer you a unrestricted movement while the two-interior non slip panels will keep the belt securely and in place as you move.



• Best assurance of performance as it is developed by experts in the actual field.


• Reduces pain to minimal or none


• Provides extra support with a unique offset buckle


• Comfortable to wear; no sweating nor irritation to the skin




• May slip from the correct position


• Can be bulky and confusing to take off due to the various straps


NB:If you would like to learn more about Si Joint Pain, its causes, and the best si joint exercises, here is an in-depth article… How to Pop Your Own Si Joint.. You can also learn about the Best Si Joint Pain Sleeping Position.

Best Sacroiliac Belt-Wrapping It Up

That’s a wrap guys! Choose the perfect si joint belt for optimal support and pain relief. Hopefully, our 5 best sacroiliac belt reviews will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing. Good luck!

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