Best Drum Throne for Back Problems (5 Top Picks)

best drum throne for back problemsBack pain is probably a drummer’s biggest challenge. Sitting for long periods drumming can take a toll on your back. Shoulder pain, leg numbness, and fatigue are also very common with drummers. Practicing good posture while drumming can prevent lower back pain– but only for a short while. If your drumming sessions often go for a few hours, you’re better off investing in the best drum throne for back problems.

As a matter of fact:

This shouldn’t be an option. A good drum throne for bad back will help you avoid back pain and other musculoskeletal problems often faced by drummers.

Before we look into the best drum throne for bad back, let’s have a look at;

What to Look for in a Good Drum Throne for Back Pain

– Seat Shape and Cushioning: Most drum throne seats are often rounded. However, they may not offer the best comfort and support you need to prevent back pain. Contoured seats are a much better option since they conform to your back side and even help prevent leg fatigue. These two features make them perfect for long jam sessions. The cushioning is also a very important aspect. The most comfortable drum throne are usually characterized by a soft and padded cushioning for added comfort and support


– Quick Height Adjustability: To ensure good posture and comfort,  a good adjustable drum throne height will allow you to position yourself in the most comfortable position. Adjusting your height will also ensure you’re in the correct alignment with the kit. The best drum throne for back pain should be designed to allow for quick height adjustability.


– Stability: Choose a drum throne that provides unmatched stability. A squeaky drum throne will not only interfere with your drumming sessions, but it will also increase fatigue and put more pressure on your back, leading to back pain.


– Free Spinning Seat: A motionless drum throne isn’t the best option if you’re worried about back pain. A drum throne with a free spinning seat is an excellent option as it reduces spinal strain from body twisting


– Weight Capacity: If a drum throne is not sturdy enough to accommodate your body weight, then you have no business using it. It will only lead to back and spinal problems. The best drum throne for back pain must be heavy-duty and sturdy enough to hold your weight. Most of the drum thrones we’ve reviewed below are considered to be the best drum throne for heavy drummers.


– Backrest: This boils down to your personal choice. Some of the best drum thrones for back problems usually don’t have backrests, yet they offer great back support. Most are ergonomically designed to prevent back pain. However, if you’ve always wanted one with a backrest, then choosing the best drum throne with backrest is a great choice.


That said, let’s review the best drum thrones for your back.


Comparison Table



 Best Drum Throne for Back Pain and Fatigue-Our Top 5 Picks

1. The Roc-N-Soc Nitro Drum Throne– Best Drum Throne For Back Problems

Roc N Soc is one of the most popular drum thrones manufacturer. In the year 1987, the company became the first seat manufacturer in the world to offer a motion throne.

Roc N Soc has since set the standard for quality, pricing as well as delivery. One of their most popular drum thrones, the Roc N Soc Nitro Drum Throne, is proof that the company has the best interest at heart for drummers.


Being an ergonomic drum throne, the Roc N Soc Nitro Drum Throne comes with a contoured bicycle seat-style cushion that helps prevent lower back and leg fatigue during long jam sessions. Its soft and durable bicycle style cushion design is designed to provide maximum comfort for hours-long drumming sessions.


That’s not all…


The Nitro Drum Throne provides you with natural movement for reduced spinal strain from body twisting, thanks to its free spinning seat. It also features a unique Nitrogen gas shock absorber to give the drum throne a more subtle bounce to significantly reduce back fatigue.


Its highly sturdy base welds and hardware are designed to provide unmatched stability, so you are able to drum with great comfort and less fatigue.


All Rock N Soc drum thrones are designed with ergonomic focus especially on support, stability, and comfort. This is why the Nitro Drum Throne is a popular choice among drummers.


Regarding its price, we can’t say it’s the cheapest in the market. However, it’s one drum throne that can offer great value for your money.


Rock N Soc also sells a backrest separately. You can check out the Rock N Sock Back Rest on Amazon. However, the drum throne offers excellent back support by itself. But if need be, you can purchase a backrest as well.


Product Dimensions: 24.5 x 20.5 x 16 inches

Product Weight: 14.75 pounds

Product Adjustable Height:18”-24

Roc-N-Soc Nitro Drum Throne Pros and Cons


  • Prevents back pain, back fatigue, and leg fatigue
  • Provides excellent back support
  • Sturdily built for unmatched stability and durability
  • Reduces spinal strain from body twisting
  • Great value for money
  • High load capacity
  • Great for tall drummers
  • Quick height adjustability



  • Not cheap- However, it offers great value for money. The drum throne has some pretty positive reviews, so that should give you a little bit of confidence


2. Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Throne

It’s no secret that Gibraltar is a leading manufacturer for music equipment. Their ergonomic drum thrones are what you can say are a great combination of quality, performance, and value.


The Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Throne is considered to be one of the most comfortable drum thrones in the Gibraltar line. First, the throne comes with an extra large 17-inch extra plush Cordura cloth oversized seat that provides enough room for your backside in addition to some extra softness for added comfort.


The contoured seat with extra-soft foam padding will prevent fatigue on your back and legs. The motorcycle seat design makes the seat not only attractive, but also quite supportive for your back. It basically allows you to sit with the correct posture to prevent back pain and fatigue.


The Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Drum Throne also features Double Braced legs as well as Gibraltar’s exclusive Super Foot which creates a very sturdy foundation base. This makes it a solid seat that is strong enough to accommodate heavy drummers. You can say it’s a Heavy Duty Drum Throne.


The drum throne comes with handy height adjustment features. You can easily adjust the height from 20”-28”. Whether you’re tall or short, simply adjust the seat to your desired height. Once you find the most comfortable height, simply use the memory lock to lock your “height position” position in place.


If you’re on the bigger side, consider buying the Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style drum throne as it offers one of the largest and most comfortable seating.


If you feel the back support provided by the throne alone isn’t enough, you can purchase the Gibraltar GUBR Universal Back Rest, which is sold separately.


Its reviews are generally positive and the price is a little bit fair.


Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 21.2 x 21.9 inches

Product Weight: 19.9 pounds


Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Throne Pros and Cons


  • Oversized seat- provides extra seat space- perfect for those on the bigger side
  • Extra-soft foam padding for added comfort and support
  • Contoured seat cushion for back support and reduced fatigue
  • Excellent stability
  • Sturdy construction and durable
  • Designed to prevent back, leg, and shoulder fatigue
  • Quick height adjustment system- adjust desired seat height in split second
  • Safe and secure
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not as affordable for most people


3. Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne is another amazing drum throne from Gibraltar. The only difference with the Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Throne is that it comes with a backrest. It’s actually considered as one of the best drum throne with backrest.


The Backrest is designed to provide you with utmost back support to prevent back pain and fatigue from long jamming sessions. The backrest is actually designed to move with the throne and is in such a good positioning for added comfort. It also improves your posture by allowing you to sit upright.

The backrest is removable, so you can remove it if you don’t wish to have it around.


The Cordura/Vinyl seat is designed to provide you with great comfort and support. You can sit for hours without feeling fatigued or without your back giving in. Besides providing excellent comfort, the throne also provides enough room even for bigger individuals.


The Memory Lock Height Adjustment allows you to adjust the height and its sturdy build can accommodate even the heaviest drummers. This is also made possible by its very sturdy construction, double-braced leg base, and super foot solid foundation rubber feet.


Its pricing may seem a little bit on the higher side, but the kind of value you’ll get is unmatched. Furthermore, the drum throne has managed to garner quite a good number of positive reviews from happy customers, so this should be proof that it’s a drum throne worth the money.


Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 20.5 x 19.6 inches

Product Weight: 21.3 pounds


Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest Pros and Cons


  • Provides excellent back support
  • Provides great comfort for long jam sessions
  • Prevents back pain and fatigue
  • Large, comfortable seating to accommodate individuals on the bigger side
  • Safe, secure, and stable
  • Quick height adjustment with safe locking mechanism
  • Heavy duty drum throne
  • Sturdy enough to accommodate highest weight capacity
  • Excellent drum throne for tall and heavy persons
  • Excellent option for those with back problems



  • Not the cheapest drum throne in the market, but it offers great value for the price


4. Gibraltar 9608MW2T Oversized Moto Seat Web Top Drum Throne

Next in line is the Gibraltar 9608MW2T Oversized Moto Seat Web Top Drum Throne.


As you may have noticed, we have already reviewed two of the best drum thrones for back problems from the Gibraltar line. It’s pretty clear that their drum thrones don’t joke around when it comes to protecting and supporting your back.


The Gibraltar 960MW2T Oversized Moto Seat Web Top Drum Throne looks appealing at the first glance. The seat features a Nylon Web Woven Material top that provides you with cool comfort during long jam sessions.


The seat cushion is a unique one. It sports thigh cutouts to prevent thigh and leg fatigue and for added comfort.  The 2T textured “hugger” holds you firmly in position for extra support and stability.


The Stability offered by the 9608MW2T model is superb.


The drum throne comes with a Pro Double-Braced throne base as well as Gibraltar’s exclusive super foot which provide the throne with excellent stability. It won’t wobble or squeak when in use. The sturdy and strong construction ensures lasting durability- you can be sure to use for many years.


With its Spindle Height Adjustment and Memory Lock System, you can easily adjust and lock the throne to a comfortable height.  It allows you to adjust the height from 16”-26”. This is important as it will help you avoid back pain or sitting in a poor posture.


Like other top-notch drum thrones, the 9608MW2T model doesn’t come cheap. However, Gibraltar is one of the best and most reputable drum thrones manufacturer. So the price shouldn’t really be a problem.  This is especially if you often experience back pain from long hours of sitting.


You want a high quality drum throne for back problems that will give you great value for your money.


If you want additional back support, Gibraltar offers their sturdy Gibraltar GUBR Universal Back Rest.


Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 19.1 x 7.3 inches

Product Weight: 16 pounds


Gibraltar 9608MW2T Oversized Moto Seat Web Top Drum Throne Pros and Cons


  • Seat features a woven web material that provides cool comfort
  • Holds you in position for added support and comfort
  • Features thigh cutouts for extra comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Sturdily constructed and strong enough to accommodate a high weight capacity
  • Provides excellent stability
  • Allows for quick height adjustment


  • Doesn’t come with an attached backrest, although you can purchase a universal backrest if you wish. Buying a backrest separately of course costs more, which most people don’t like.


5. DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Tractor Seat

Gibraltar drum thrones may have won the hearts of many drummers in the industry, but DW Drum Workshop thrones have not been left out.


The DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series is quite appealing. The black and contoured dual foam tractor seat top will surely impress you the first time you set your eyes on it. Attractiveness aside, the drum throne’s contoured seat is specially designed to conform on your back side for added support and comfort. You can drum for hours without experiencing fatigue on your back side, thighs, or legs.


The seat is also roomy, so if you’re on the bigger side, you should be able to sit on it much more comfortably than with common stools.


The Heavy-Duty Air Lift drum throne also features a Hydraulic Height Adjustment that allows incremental positioning. You can quickly and easily adjust its height to a satisfying 28”. The height adjustment system also makes finding the best seat height easily, not to mention that it provides a really nice bounce.


The drum throne also sports a highly sturdy quad-leg folding base that provides the throne with excellent stability. With such stability, the throne is able to even hold heavy drummers without squeaking.


The backrest is also available, although you have the option to purchasing it separately.


With a premium drum throne like the DW Drum Workshop 9000 series, you’ll be able to focus all of your attention on the beat!

DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Tractor Seat Pros and Cons


  • Features a sturdy, durable construction
  • Provides exceptional stability
  • Strong and sturdy enough to accommodate heavy users
  • Seat is large enough to accommodate users on the bigger side
  • The tractor style seat is comfortable, soft, and provides the much needed back support for long hours of jamming
  • Hydraulic height adjustment allows you to find suitable height quick and easily
  • Quad-leg folding base provides the seat with exceptional stability
  • Aesthetically appealing



  • Pricey- This DW 9000 drum series is one of the most expensive drum thrones in the market. Of course, it does provide great value for your money, but not many drummers can afford it.


Best Drum Throne for Back Problems- Final Verdict

Choosing the best drum throne for back problems doesn’t have to be hard. We have reviewed the Top 5 Best Drum Throne for Bad Back, so you should be able to choose one that suits your needs.


Ignore the price tag. We understand that most of these drum thrones are on the higher price end. But at least, you’re sure to get good value for your money. You wouldn’t want to purchase a cheap drum throne only for it to break down a few months later.


Our top 5 recommendations have been made by leading drum throne manufacturers, so be at ease. Furthermore, the many positive product reviews should ease your mind a little bit. So go ahead and choose the best drum throne for back problems and enjoy your jam sessions to the fullest.

If need be, you can use a back support belt while drumming to offer additional support to your back.

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